Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Michela Serresi

What do you work on and why is your research important?

My work focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying lung cancer progression. A better understanding of such mechanisms would enable identifying patients with high-risk of relapse, who require special follow up, and possibly better tailored therapies

What is special about your former institute?

I was at EIO (European Institute of Oncology) in Milan first and at NKI later. In both institutions, I mostly enjoyed the accurate organization and facilities, which greatly speed up your research. In both institutions, the core facilities had the highest quality standard one can think of. Also, the international and competitive research environment is a constantly motivating you to aim at the best possible research achievements.

What is special and what do you like most about your current institute?

At the MDC, I do like the multidisciplinary scientific team offering a more integrated view of biomedical science ( e.g Cardiovascular and Metabolic Research, Cancer Biology and Immunology, Neuroscience, Developmental Biology  and Bioinformatics). The international PhD program gives you the opportunity to supervise students and create your small team of research. Also here there are several technology platforms equipped with the most modern technologies available. A broad range of lectures and seminars and workshops are frequently organized to train researchers for their career in science.

What have you gained from moving within Europe?

Moving through top research institutes in Europe it helped me to create a network of collaborations, meet up several talented scientists and most of all to shape my research taking into account different approaches and methodologies.

What is the added value of EU-LIFE?

Creation of a tight link between excellent research institutes in life science and improve their network and collaboration. 

If only I know then what I know now,  I would advise...

To explore different research opportunities as early as possible