Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Tea Pemovska from FIMM to CeMM

What do you work on and why is your research important?

I work on the interplay of nutrient transport, metabolism and drug sensitivity in blood cancers (myeloid leukemias). I aim to systematically characterize the membrane transporter landscape in myeloid cancer cells and thereby identify novel vulnerabilities that can exploited therapeutically.

What is special about your former institute?

FIMM is truly a special place in terms of an international environment, interdisciplinary approach to research, translational outlook, and focus on technological advancements. I really liked the open door policy and interactions with different people regardless of belonging to a particular research group.

What is special and what do you like most about your current institute?

CeMM is special in that even though not very big, it has managed to build an incredible brand value in a relatively short time. It has achieved this by implementing and developing new technologies quickly and efficiently and focus on translational research.

What have you gained from moving within Europe?

I have widened my horizons in terms of culture, research environments and adaptability.

What is the added value of eulife?

Opportunity to learn about research efforts ongoing in partner institutes, networking and training.

If only I know then what I know now,  I would advise...

To not worry to much if the transition to a new place is not immediate. It takes a bit of time and that is normal:)