Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Courses@CRG: CRISPR-CAS9 Tool: From gene to function 5-9 September 2016

5 Sep 9 Sep 2016

The CRISPR-Cas9 technology enables researchers to construct novel experiments in a wide range of fields—from basic biomedical research to biotechnology and medicine—allowing them to edit genomes at sites of their choosing.  It is now possible to create knock-in, knock-outs and mutations of any gene in any cell line or organism with high efficiency. This approach allows the perturbation of biological systems at the gene as well as at the protein level.
In silico analyses provide a good approximation of molecular structure in relation to function, and are always used to predict and enhance the success of genome editing technologies. The combination of these approaches is often used in gene therapy as well as in synthetic biology applications.


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Carlo Carolis, CRG, Spain


Speakers & Instructors:

Marc Guell, Wyss Institute, Harvard University US     
Mihail Sarov, Max Planck Institute, Germany
Jim Sawitzke, EMBL, Italy
Laura Batlle, CRG, Spain
Katrina Broadbent, CRG, Spain
Martin Gigirey, CRG, Spain
Rory Johnson, CRG, Spain
Christina Kiel, CRG, Spain
Silvia Speroni, CRG, Spain


Registration fee: 500€

Registration deadline: 8 July 2016

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