Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe


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22 Sep 23 Sep 2016
Leuven Belgium

Advances in genomics through to in vivo physiology allow us, for the first time, to explore cellular heterogeneity at multiple experimental levels. Nowhere is this more important than in the Central Nervous System (CNS), where cellular heterogeneity has profound effects on all aspects of normal brain function and behavior, and explains important aspects of disease pathology.

This meeting assembles leaders in the field of single cell analysis, together with junior faculty, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students. We will discuss both cutting-edge technological developments in single cell analysis and what they reveal about CNS function and disease.

The conference will be preceded by a training day for graduate students and post-doctoral researchers, which will introduce junior researchers to essential techniques used in the field. More information about this will follow.

In addition to a great scientific and training program, there will be ample opportunities to network during the breaks, poster sessions, Meet the Expert-session and conference dinner.

- Abstract Deadline: July 10, 2016
- Early Bird Deadline: August 10, 2016
More information can be found on

12 Sep 23 Sep 2016
berlin Germany

The course will cover fundamental topics in computational genomics and its applications in precision medicine.

5 Sep 9 Sep 2016
Barcelona Spain

The CRISPR-Cas9 technology enables researchers to construct novel experiments in a wide range of fields—from basic biomedical research to biotechnology and medicine—allowing them to edit genomes a

27 Jun 1 Jul 2016
Barcelona Spain

The “Courses@CRG: Advanced proteomics course” targets international postdocs and stu

7 Jun 9 Jun 2016
São Paulo Brazil

The objective of the Symposium is to promote international collaborative research by strengthening relations between scientists from EU-LIFE Institutes and from the state of São Paulo, through a s

12 May 13 May 2016

The 3rd EU-LIFE scientific workshop on "Inflammation & Immunity in Health and Disease" will be held at C-E-M-M in Vienna, Austria.

11 May 12 May 2016

The 4th EU-LIFE strategy meeting will be held at C-E-M-M in Vienna.

2 May 5 May 2016
Barcelona Spain

In the last years, super-resolution light microscopy equipment has become more widely available for biological researchers.

9 Mar 12 Mar 2016
Milan Italy

 A Symposium on “Hematological Malignancies: from Mechanisms to Therapy”  ( will take place on

30 Nov 3 Dec 2015
Oeiras Portugal

Course description

Implementation of cancer genomics into the clinic is becoming a reality. Personalised medicine or "Precision medicine" as some authors refer to it, uses molecular data from a specific patient to guide clinical decisions such as prevention, diagnosis and treatment. This will revolutionise healthcare and will play a dominant role in the future of cancer therapy. Bioinformatics analyses are essential to identify patients who will benefit from treatment based on their molecular profile, and to tailor chemotherapeutic regimens accordingly.

The aim of this course is to present a complete computational pipeline for the analysis and interpretation of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, such as exome sequencing or targeted panels that are commonly used in the clinic.

We will address the implementation of large-scale genomic sequencing in clinical practice and recently developed computational strategies for the analysis of NGS data. Particular emphasis will be placed on the interpretation of results, selection of biomarkers for drug responses and affording opportunities to match therapies with the characteristics of individual patient tumours.

Case studies will be used to illustrate the principles of how genetics has influenced the refinement of diagnoses and personalised treatment of cancer disease.

Fátima AlSharhour,
Javier Perales and
Elena Piñeiro.

IMPORTANT DATES for this Course:
Deadline for applications: Nov 16th 2015
Latest notification of acceptance: Nov 17th 2015
Course dates: Nov 30th 2015 to Dec 3rd 2015

TBHD15 Course duration: 4 days TBHD15 Course Fee: Euro 360.00