Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Datamanager for data-integration platforms


Your function within the department

Career opportunity: Data manager for data-integration platforms
We are looking for a data manager with ETL (extract, transform & load of data) experience. You should be able to clean up data using Excel and to check data consistency in an SQL Server. You will need to have attention to detail and have a systematic approach to solving problems. If you know the basics of molecular biology or you can write a basic text processing pipeline in a Unix shell, it’s a big plus.
Our team is embedded within the Netherlands Cancer Institute, which is the research institute of Comprehensive Cancer Center - Antoni van Leeuwenhoek. It is a leading cancer center with 100 years of history; a research instute with a clinic for directly applying new research methods.
Your work at NKI will be mainly for the Health-RI national research initiative (see The goal is ‘FAIR’ data stewardship, i.e. making data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable, for translational research studies. We use multiple tools to help with that and you will be involved mainly with tranSMART (see and cBioPortal (see
You will:

  1. Learn how to import and verify data in tranSMART and cBioPortal
  2. Transform data into the format required by the tool (usually a TSV file with additional meta data files)
  3. Perform the import to tranSMART and cBioPortal
  4. Perform quality checks on the imported data
  5. Process user feedback and improve study data modelling

You may also be requested to meet with researchers outside NKI to discuss their feedback in person.

Your profile


  • Good communication skills
  • Quality minded
  • Data warehouse and ETL experience
  • Experience with programming: JAVA, JavaScript, R, Linux
  • Database experience is a plus
  • Experience with tranSMART or cBioPortal is a plus
  • Experience with how translational research is performed: experience with clinical trials or molecular biology studies is a plus

Your career opportunities and terms of employment

Opportunities for development and  working conditions
The basis for your employment conditions is according to the CAO hospitals. Based on experience, your salary will be between € 2.290,- and € 3,421,- gross per month based on a 36-hour working week. This is in accordance with FWG 50. In addition, a fixed end-of-year benefit forms part of the secondary conditions. You will start with a contract for a period of 1 year.



For further information please contact Mariska Bierkens, Scientific researcher, +31205127914,


Acquisition due to this vacancy is not appreciated.

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