Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

PhD Positions – Genomics and Proteomics of Plant Systems Programme


The Genomics and Proteomics of Plant Systems Programme is focused on understanding the evolutionary-based strategies of plant systems to promote their applications in next-generation technologies and medicine.

Open PhD Positions: 

Topic  Supervisor
1. Application of modern microcolumn separation methods coupled to mass spectrometry for analysis of non-invasive biological samples Petr Kubáň
2. DIRIGENT Genes in the Control of Plant Development Jan Hejátko
3. Discovery of genes governing differentiation of plant germline Karel Říha
4. Genetic variability in multistep phoshorelay signaling in plants Jan Hejátko
5.  Genome evolution in the Brassicales Martin Lysák
6. Mechanisms controlling germ-line differentiation in plants Karel Říha
7. Repeatome evolution in crucifers Martin Lysák
8. SMC complexes dynamics Jan Paleček
9. Structural and functional analysis of cytokinin-regulated DIRIGENT proteins from Arabidopsis thaliana Blanka Pekárová
10. Structure, function and evolution of plant telomere components Jiří Fajkus
11. The role of cytokinin-inducible EXPANSINs in the control of cell wall properties and development in Arabidopsis Markéta Šámalová
12. The role of cytokinins in determination of organ identit  Markéta Pernisová
13. Transcriptional regulation of auxin-dependent organogenesis Helene Robert Boisivon


Successful candidate must hold the equivalent of a Czech Master's degree (Mgr., Ing., MSc.) in the same or similar study programmes from an institution of recognized standing (four or five year undergraduate degree).

Detailed information available at:

Conditions and contact:

Starting date: September 2018
Complete applications can be submitted: until 15 March 2018
To apply please contact Olga Křížová on

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