Postdocs Incubator Programme

The time between finishing a PhD and entering a fully independent group leader position is an important development phase for every researcher. While structured PhD programs have been installed in many scientific institutions over the last decades, training for postdocs has not yet received a similar amount of attention. EU-LIFE, as a consortium of leading European research institutes, is uniquely suited to provide postdocs with opportunities for early independence, specialized training, enhanced mobility and international networking.

The role of Postdocs Incubator Programme Task force is to identify and to enhance initiatives promoting outstanding early postdoctoral fellows on their path to scientific independence. The EU-LIFE Postdocs exchange programme is one of the achievements of the Task force.


Thomas Sommer, MDC
Sandra Krull, MDC
Luis serrano, CRG
Damjana Kastelic, CRG
Susan Gasser, FMI
Marijke Lein, VIB
Marta Agostinho, EU-LIFE