Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Boost your career: apply for a postdoc MSCA at a EU-LIFE institute


IMPORTANT: Aplications now closed for 2016 call 

If you are looking for your next career move and have a competitive cv to postdoc, apply for a Marie Sklodowvska-Curie Fellowship in a EU-LIFE institute.

At the heart of Europe, EU-LIFE institutes are leading centers in the life sciences offering a vibrant scientific environment and acess to state-of-the-art technology to develop your research. The EU-LIFE alliance spans 570 excellent research groups with scientists from all corners of the world. EU-LIFE centres are involved in many research fields such as cancer, neurobiology, developmental biology, genetics and epigenetics, immunology, inflammation, plant biotechnology and systems biology.

EU-LIFE institutes have a high success rate in obtaining international grants. With over 100 running ERC projects and an average of 60 running postdoc fellowships in highly competitive schemes such as MSCA, EMBO and FEBS, the EU-LIFE network offers the ideal environment to accelerate your career and join the European wide network of centres of excellence in life sciences.

Decided to go for it? Our team of experienced grant managers at the EU-LIFE institutes will support you with all aspects of your application.

Contact directly your group leader of interest or mail with your competitive cv to