Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

EU-LIFE partners to discuss good practice on setting up Start-up companies

Professionals from EU-LIFE partners and associated organizations will meet early in September in London discuss the “Starting-up a company: alternative compensation for in-kind contribution” and share good practice on the topic.

Organized by the EU-LIFE partner VIB, Belgium and the EU-LIFE Technology Transfer Working Group, the workshop will consist in a blend of talks from prominent speakers and of interactive brainstorming and discussion sessions.

Invited speakers include:

Toni Hickson, Managing Director of the Technology Transfer team of Imperial Innovations

“Beyond just equity: additional forms of return from spin-out companies” 


Rudy Dekeyser, Managing Partner LSP Health Economics Fund

Life sciences start-ups: creating value for its stakeholders, a VC perspective’


Els Beirnaert, senior manager New Ventures VIB

“Two case studies as a starter for interactive brainstorming”


Registration and information at the event page.