Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Inflammation & Immunity in Health and Disease: 2016 EU-LIFE Scientific Workshop held at CeMM

The EU-LIFE Scientific Workshop organized by the translational research working group of the EU-LIFE institutes took place from May 12-13, 2016 at CeMM in Vienna. Following successful meetings on “Biology of Cancer” (2014, CRG) and “Epigenetics and Disease” (2015, BRIC), this year’s topic was on "Inflammation and Immunity in Health and Disease". Three sessions explored autoimmunity, T-cells in cancer immunology, and innate pathways in cancer immunology.

The meeting format of “tandem talks” had been pioneered in the previous scientific meetings: Two speakers are exploring one topic or closely related concepts from two different perspectives. Typically, one of the researchers presents the more fundamental aspects of his or her research topic, while the other – often a clinician – highlights the translational initiatives. As a sign of the success in fostering interaction between researchers from different EU LIFE institutions, one of the tandems this year came from two different institutions (CRG/MDC). We were particularly committed to giving young researchers at the pre- and post-doc level a platform to present their projects. Therefore, up to four participants per institution had the opportunity to present a poster or were selected for a short speed talk in front of the entire audience.

The aims of the scientific meeting of the EU LIFE translational working group was to raise awareness of the EU-LIFE alliance and of ongoing projects at other EU-LIFE institutions, foster collaborations between institutions, and seed ideas for joint projects and grant applications. To enable these, there was ample networking opportunity between the 

sessions and at the conference dinner in the Natural History Museum, where also the poster session took place.