Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Joint the March for Science!

EU-LIFE supports publicly the March for Science movement and wishes to invite all citizens to join a March and show your support for science and an opened society !

March for science is part of a global movement to speak out in favour of the vital role science plays for the future of our planet and all of us. In today’s climate of distrust of science and experts, it is not just a question of securing funds for research but of publicly pledging commitment to knowledge, research and evidence-based policies in public health, environment, economy, security and government.

Marches are being organized all over the world, many of them in EU-LIFE countriesEU-LIFE institutes are already engaged in organization or promoting participation of marches across Europe. Institut Curie, for instance, is an official partner of the March in Paris and, in addition to interviews in the media and coverage on the website and in social media, they are running an internal poster and mobilization campaign, including a special badge with the image of Marie Curie to be worn at the March.  

Engage your colleagues, friends and the public if possible, it is a broad action in which anybody can get involved!