Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

EMBO Proteostasis Workshop

17 Nov 21 Nov 2017

About the Workshop

Proteostasis, the portmanteau of the words protein and homeostasis, refers to the biological mechanisms controlling the biogenesis, folding, trafficking and degradation of proteins in cells. Proteostasis imbalances may lead to the accumulation of misfolded proteins, or excessive protein degradation, and is associated with many human diseases. A wide variety of research approaches are used to identify the mechanisms that regulate proteostasis, typically involving different model organisms (yeast, invertebrates or mammalian systems) and different methodologies (genetics, biochemistry, cell biology, organismal biology). The main goal of this EMBO workshop is to unite expertise from these different disciplines to discuss recent developments in the field. The sessions will cover 1) protein folding, chaperones and quality control, 2) regulation of proteostasis, 3) ER associated protein degradation, 4) ubiquitination and aging and 5) proteostasis in inflammation, neurodegenerative and other disorders.

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