Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

GENiE Workshop: C. elegans consensus metabolic reconstruction

19 Apr 20 Apr 2017

We will be holding a workshop at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge on April 19 and 20 on the use of whole-genome metabolic reconstructions and metabolomics to advance the understanding of C. elegans metabolism. Metabolic reconstructions are networks representing all the reactions in the metabolism of an organism, which can be used to predict fluxes through different pathways under different conditions. The objective of the workshop is to determine the current state in C. elegans metabolism research and how different metabolic reconstructions, published and non-published, can be integrated in a community-driven effort leading to a comprehensive consensus C. elegans metabolic reconstruction. Metabolic reconstructions exist for multiple species and using such reconstructions together with transcriptomic and metabolomic data provides a powerful mechanism to interpret such data and yield novel insights. Within the workshop, researchers from both 'wet-lab' and 'dry-lab' contexts will exchange knowledge and experiences, sharing insights into how different types of data can be integrated using metabolic reconstructions. To this end, the workshop will partly consist of scientific presentations from the international community, and partly of tutorials and hands-on sessions. Although the focus will be on C. elegans, such metabolic reconstructions are available for multiple species, and the tools and techniques we will discuss will be useful for any metabolism-related research. The workshop is reimbursable for GENiE members ( but is open to anyone interested. Further details about the workshop, including schedule and registration details, are available at

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