Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Metabolomics Data Interpretation

11 Mar 2019

This training will provide an overview of the analytical techniques and data analysis tools that are applied to study the metabolome and will provide insights on how to interpret metabolomics data.

The first day of lectures (Monday 11 March 2019, Leuven) will cover recent developments and breakthroughs in the application of metabolomics. We will start the day with an overview of sampling preparation requirements for metabolomics and data analysis pipelines available at VIB. Next session will focus on central metabolomics – including interpretation of labeling data, labeling data mapping and thermodynamics. Second session will be dedicated to lipidomics of membrane lipids and fatty acids. Next, secondary metabolomics approaches to identify and quantify secondary metabolites in both discovery and targeted mode will be discussed. We will end the day with a keynote talk on metabolic fluxes. For more information and registration visit

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