Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

VIB Tech Transfer course

27 Aug 31 Aug 2018

VIB is an entrepreneurial research institute that seeks to transfer the results of its scientific investigations to society. To this end, the members of VIB’s Innovation and Business team draft, file and prosecute patents, establish research collaborations with industrial partners, outlicense intellectual property and create spin-off companies. These activities result in an average 10-15 million euro per year in industrial income, 20 spin-off companies with a total of 823 employees in 2017. Together with its spin-offs, VIB has 8 crop-,13 therapeutic- and 22 diagnostic programs in development or on the market.

In the annual Technology Transfer course, the Innovation and Business team, supported by two external speakers from industry, will go into detail on the practicalities of making technology transfer happen. We will discuss the basics of Intellectual Property Rights, including a hands-on patent search on your favorite topic. We will go through the term sheets and contracts that shape the framework of industrial collaborations and investments. We will have a lively case study to highlight the potentially complex relationships between scientist, TT-officer and company representative, and give an overview of the various stages of starting a new venture.
Upon registration, you will be asked to submit a short abstract on a potential business idea, describing briefly the concept and potential applications. More details will follow after registration.

In short, the technology transfer course is designed to give you an idea of:
How to find out if patents exist around your new findings;
What steps are necessary to commercialize your work;
The VIB-approach to starting innovative companies, and
How research can be turned into value for society.

Target audience
The course is open to external participants, but please note that all examples and case studies will focus on Life Science topics.

The trainers
VIB Tech Transfer Experts and external speakers from industry can give you a first-hand insight in the world of tech transfer.

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