Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe


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Past Events

4 Sep 7 Sep 2017
Barcelona Spain


9 Jul 21 Jul 2017
Oeiras Portugal
In the Summer School "Host-microbe symbioses: from functional to ecological perspectives" we will explore stable host-microbe interactions as a spectrum from parasitic to mutualistic.
19 Jun 23 Jun 2017
Paris France

This course focuses on breast cancers both on a biological and a clinical point of view.

19 Jun 23 Jun 2017
Barcelona Spain


12 Jun 16 Jun 2017
Zwijnaarde Belgium
The 5th VIB summer school in advanced light microscopy is an opportunity for Ph.D.
22 May 23 May 2017
Berlin Germany

The annual scientific meeting aims at fostering interaction and scientific exchange across the EU-LIFE research community under the umbrella of a common topic.

9 May 2017
Leuven Belgium

This training is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of techniques employed to study gene regulation and transcriptional output.

19 Apr 20 Apr 2017

We will be holding a workshop at the Babraham Institute, Cambridge on April 19 and 20 on the use of whole-genome metabolic reconstructions and metabolomics to advance the understanding of C. elegans metabolism.

3 Apr 7 Apr 2017
Barcelona Spain

The eukaryotic genome is non-randomly organized in a hierarchy of structures: chromosomes territories, which occupy preferential positions within the interphasic nucleus, are segmented into topolo