Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe


There are no upcoming events.

Past Events

2 Sep 4 Sep 2015
Brno Czech Republic

This conference will be our first conference with speakers from both CEITEC and ICRC to explore the interface of the life sciences and mater

19 Jul 1 Aug 2015
Oeiras Portugal

In the Summer School “Host-microbe symbioses – old friends and foes” we will explore stable host-microbe interactions as a spectrum from parasitic to mutualistic. It is becoming clear that most animals and plants associate with microbes during their life and that these greatly influence host biology. The course will last two weeks and will explore this field with leading scientists that bring a broad range of expertise and approaches.
The Summer School will be targeted at second or later years PhD students (from Europe).

12 May 13 May 2015
Copenhagen Denmark

This 2nd EU-LIFE scientific workshop will bring together basic scientists and clinicians/translational researchers to explore and discuss epigenetics in relation to disease.

11 May 12 May 2015
Copenhagen Denmark

The 3rd EU-LIFE Strategy Meeting will take place at the BRIC in Copenhagen, Denmark.

9 Feb 10 Feb 2015
Brussel Belgium

Join VIB at its first conference on ‘Structural dynamics in cellular communication’ that will take place in an architecturally significant venue in the heart of Europe (Brussels, Belgium) from 9-1

28 Oct 2014
Oeiras Portugal

Our next Strategy Meeting, gathering Institute Directors and Working Group Chairs, will take place at the IGC in Oeiras, Portugal, on the 28th October 2014

12 Oct 12 Dec 2014
Brugge Belgium

On December 10-12, 2014, VIB and Cell host a symposium about Type 2 Immunity in Bruges.

8 Oct 10 Oct 2014
Leuven Belgium

BioImage Informatics, BII, is an internationally recognized meeting on image informatics for the life sciences.