Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

PhD Program - 5 PhD positions in October 2019 at Institut Curie

Institut Curie is recruiting 5 PhD students through its international program called IC-3i PhD Program. This program provides PhD students with a 3-year doctoral contract, a high level interdisciplinary, inter-sectorial, and international training with dedicated career development plans, secondments and mentoring. PhD research projects in life sciences cover Institut Curie’s main research domains:

✓ Biology & Chemistry of Radiations, Cell Signaling & Cancer

✓ Development, Cancer, Genetics & Epigenetics

✓ Integrative Tumour Biology, Immunology & Environment

✓ Multiscale Physics-Biology-Chemistry & Cancer

Institut Curie brings together a world-class multidisciplinary cancer research center and a model hospital group in Paris and surroundings. By embracing cross-disciplinary approaches, it drives the discovery of more effective treatments and leads to improved patient care.

  • Open positions

1. The geometry of developmental time – Dissecting temporal cell-fate acquisition during C. elegans development

Wolfgang Keil / Axel Buguin
Research group: Quantitative Developmental Biology
Keywords: lncRNA, epigenetics, single-cell, transcription, cancer

2. Long noncoding RNAs as master regulators of intratumoral heterogeneity and tumor progression

Antonin Morillon / Marina Pinskaya
Research group :  Non Coding RNA, Epigenetic and Genome Fluidity
Keywords: lncRNA, epigenetics, single-cell, transcription, cancer

3. Control of cell emigration in development and cancer: from single cell to integrated in vivo level

Anne-Helene Monsoro-Burq / Leon Peshkin
Research group: Signaling and Neural Crest Development
Keywords: Single cell transcriptomics, Single cell imaging, epithelium-to-mesenchyme transition, metastasis, cell migration

4. Imaging at the single molecule level of nuclear organization and genome stability in quiescent cells

Judith Miné-Hattab / Angela Taddei
Research group: Compartmentalization and Dynamics of Nuclear Functions
Keywords: Nuclear organization, Genome stability, quiescence, Photo Activable Localization Microscopy (PALM), Single particle tracking (SPT)

5. The tubulin code as a new therapeutic target - from single molecules to organisms

Carsten Janke / Magda Magiera
Research group: Regulation of microtubule dynamics and functions
Keywords: Microtubule cytoskeleton, tubulin code, tubulin glutamylation, organelle transport, neurodegeration

(More details on Institut Curie’s IC-3i International PhD Program webpage)

  • Eligibility criteria


- must not have lived or worked in France for more than 12 months during the past 3 years prior to February 6th 2019,

- must have a Master’s degree (or be about to obtain one) or have a university degree equivalent to a European Master’s degree (5-year duration),

- must have obtained this degree no more than 2 years ago.


  • Application and selection process

Application deadline: February 6th, 2019 at 5:00pm (CET)
Candidates have to complete an online form in English in time via the web-based application portal.
Applications will be evaluated through a three steps process:
1) Eligibility check of applications in February 2019.
2) 1st round selection: Evaluation of applications by Review Board in April 2019. Results in April 2019.
3) 2nd round selection: Shortlisted candidates during 1st round selection will be invited for an interview session in Paris from May 15 to May 17, 2019.
Final results will be given in June 2019.

  • Additional information

- The IC-3i PhD Program is in English.
- International applicants willing to apply for the IC-3i PhD Program should inquire about the visa procedure regarding their country, in preparation for step 3 (interview session in Paris).

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