Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe


EU-LIFE Science Newsletter 3/2017

News from the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), The Netherlands

Our cells - and ultimately our entire body - are governed by genes, the functional units of our DNA. Gene expression rests on two very important processes, called transcription and translation. The research group of Reuven Agami from the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) now shows a link between these two processes.

EU-LIFE Science Newsletter 3/2016

Collaboration News from VIB and CEITEC

Throughout evolution, mammalian viruses co-evolved with their hosts and developed effective ways to counter and evade the antiviral responses of the host immune system. An international team - including VIB and CEITEC scientists - unraveled a molecular strategy used by the widespread parapox Orf virus to counter the mammalian immune system.

The second EU-LIFE strategy meeting was held on October 27-29, 2014 in Oeiras, Portugal.

Gathering the Board of Directors, the Strategic group of EU-Life and the Chairs of the EU-LIFE Working Groups, the meeting aimed at discussing EU-LIFE strategy and strengthening the EU-LIFE community.

From May 12th to 15th 2014, at the CRG, in Barcelona, two main EU-LIFE events were held: The first EU-LIFE Scientific Workshop on Biology of Cancer, and the second EU-LIFE Community Meeting.

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EU-LIFE Institutes further formalised their alliance, signing a comprehensive Consortium Agreement, and recruiting a Manager.

EU-LIFE article in Genome Web

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