Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe


The second EU-LIFE strategy meeting was held on October 27-29, 2014 in Oeiras, Portugal.

Gathering the Board of Directors, the Strategic group of EU-Life and the Chairs of the EU-LIFE Working Groups, the meeting aimed at discussing EU-LIFE strategy and strengthening the EU-LIFE community.

11 May 12 May 2015
Copenhagen Denmark

The 3rd EU-LIFE Strategy Meeting will take place at the BRIC in Copenhagen, Denmark.

28 Oct 2014
Oeiras Portugal

Our next Strategy Meeting, gathering Institute Directors and Working Group Chairs, will take place at the IGC in Oeiras, Portugal, on the 28th October 2014

14 May 15 May 2014
Barcelona Spain

During our 2nd Community Meeting, around 80 EU-LIFE members presented main results of the 7 Working groups we have established, focusing on Grants, Science Communication, Translational Research, Technology Transfer, Training, IT and Indicators of Excellence. In addition to sharing best practice and benefiting from each other’s expertise and experience in all these domains, we have initiated several joint actions which were presented during the meeting.

12 May 13 May 2014
Barcelona Spain

This first EU-LIFE scientific workshop brought together basic scientists and clinicians from EU-LIFE institutes (and collaborators) to explore and discuss new directions in cancer biology by integrating clinical needs, new discoveries in cancer biology, omics technologies, drug discovery pipelines, and latest computational and modeling approaches. The workshop provided an opportunity to forge new scientific collaborations within EU-LIFE and found the basis for future joint activities and projects.

18 Nov 19 Nov 2013
Brussels Belgium

Our next Strategy Meeting will take place in Brussels on the 19th and 20th of November 2013.

EU-LIFE, a new Alliance for European Excellence and Competitiveness in Life Sciences

28 May 2013
Barcelona Spain

The first EU-LIFE Community meeting took place at the CRG in Barcelona.

20 Jun 2012
Barcelona Spain

The decision to build EU-LIFE was taken during the first Directors' meeting, which took place on the 21st June 2012 and hosted at the CRG in Barcelona, Spain.