Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe
Building and promoting Excellence in Life Sciences in Europe

Technological Platforms

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Platform Contact Keywords Institution
Protein expression & purification Ahmed El Marjou recombinant proteins, expression vectors, expression host development, protein purification, process development Institut Curie
Therapeutic antibodies (TAP-IP) & Recombinant antibodies Sandrine Moutel single-domain antibodies, phage display screening, recombinant antibodies(rab) Institut Curie
Reverse phase protein array (RPPA) Leanne de Koning protein arrays, proteomics, cell signalling pathways, phosphoproteins, translational research, biomarkers, patient classification Institut Curie
Cell & tissue imaging Jean Salamero bio-imaging, image analysis, correlative light and electron microscopy, cryo-electron microscopy, molecular and 3d imaging, nanosims, stem, eftem, light microscopy, chemical imaging Institut Curie
Biophenics screening Elaine Del Nery image-based high-content screening, biochemical and cell-based screening, phenotype tracking, sirnas collection, chemical compound libraries Institut Curie
Synthetic genetic array (SGA) Petra Kaferlé yeast functional genomics, chemo-genomics, s. cerevisiae, systems biology, interaction networks Institut Curie
Resource: chemical library Claire Beauvineau chemistry, chemical biology, small molecules, hit-to-lead optimisation Institut Curie
Flow cytometry Paris Zofia Maciorowski flow cytometry, cell sorting Institut Curie
Flow cytometry Orsay Charlène Lasgi flow cytometry, cell sorting Institut Curie
Laboratory of preclinical investigation (LIP) Didier Decaudin patient derived xenografts (pdx), pharmacology, biomarkers, drug resistance Institut Curie
Experimental radiotherapy (RadExp) Fréderic Pouzoulet experimental radiotherapy, radiobiology, proton therapy, ionizing radiation, radio-sensitivity, patient derived xenografts, tumour models, preclinical trials Institut Curie
Small animal facility / in vivo experimentation Isabelle Grandjean animal facility Institut Curie
Pathophysiology Arnd Heuser transgenic animal facility MDC
BIMSB Bioinformatics Altuna Akalin bioinformatics MDC
Advanced Light Microscopy Anje Sporbert imaging MDC
Electron Microscopy Bettina Purfürst imaging MDC
Mass Spectometry Gunnar Dittmar proteomics MDC
Preparative Flowcytometry Hans-Peter Rahn cell cytometry MDC
TCF - Transgenic core facility Ralf Kühn transgenic animal facility MDC
BIMSB Proteomics / Metabolomics Stefan Kempa proteomics MDC
Small Molecule Screening Unit Jens von Kries high throughput screening MDC
Magnetic Resonance (B.U.F.F.) Thoralf Niendorf nmr MDC
Protein Sample Production Facility Udo Heinemann protein sciences MDC
BIMSB Genomics Sascha Sauer sequencing, next generation MDC
BIMSB Light Microscopy Andrew Woehler imaging MDC