EU-LIFE statement in support of the ERC Scientific Council

On the resignation of Mauro Ferrari as President of the European Research Council (ERC), EU-LIFE would like to express its public support to the ERC Scientific Council in its decision and declaration.

As a leading initiative worldwide to promote excellent discovery research, which is crucial to address the challenges that our societies and the planet face, the ERC has proven to be a paramount success with an impressive impact. Its mission and nature must be firmly supported by its leadership.

EU-LIFE would like to thank EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel and Director General Jean Eric Pacquet for standing strongly by ERC and for the leading role they have taken to facilitate new initiatives  within EU research & Innovation in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

The response from the scientific community to the corona outbreak has been impressive, all across Europe  - including from ERC funded researchers - who have been contributing exemplary to the COVID-19 crisis with expertise and resources for the short, medium and longer term phases of this unprecedented challenge.