First Visiting Postdoctoral EU-LIFE researchers selected!

The first call of the Visiting Postdoctoral EU-LIFE seminars programme closed in December 2019. 18 excellent candidates were selected to give a talk about their research work throughout the year 2020. Congratulations to all!

This programme aims at supporting Postdocs from EU-LIFE institutes to boost their academic career by visiting other EU-LIFE institutes and giving a talk about their work and future directions they might take as independent researchers.

In this first call, a total of 18 researchers (in their 3rd Postdoc year or later planning to apply for an independent research positions) will be given the possibility to enlarge their connections and research activities within other colleagues in the network.

Stimulating interaction and collaboration between the scientists of the alliance is at the core of EU-LIFE members objectives. With that in mind, the alliance already launched previously the EU-LIFE Visiting Scientist programme. The new Visiting Postdoctoral EU-LIFE seminars programme aims to facilitate and give opportunities to researchers at an early stage of their careers, when it is crucial for them to increase their collaborations and networks.

Congratulations to all the selected researchers:

- Stijn Vanhee, VIB
- Malgorzata Rogalska, CRG
- Marina Kolesnichenko, MDC
- Monika Lewinska, BRIC
- Tina Catela Ivkovic, CEITEC
- Sandra Schick, CeMM
- Dora Szakonyi, IGC
- Xianghua Li, CRG
- Maria Rostovskaya, BI
- Jyh-Jang Sun, VIB
- Esteban Hoijman Kleinman, CRG
- Rubina Tabassum, FIMM
- Celine Sin, CeMM
- Luis Ribeiro, VIB
- Florian Massip, MDC
- Antonio Baptista, VIB
- Matteo Rossi, VIB
- Om Prakash Dwivedi, FIMM

Visiting Postdoctoral EU-LIFE researchers