Main Representatives from EU-LIFE institutes met to align views and strategies on the alliance

The first main representatives meeting took place in Amsterdam at NKI, The Netherlands Cancer Institute, on 21st of February. This work session gave the opportunity to consolidate common ground for the main representatives and to launch strategic steps for the future. As main contacts of their institute with the EU-LIFE office, their role is pivotal for the Alliance: they align with their Director regarding input to EU-LIFE, they advise, provide input and develop concepts related to EU-LIFE projects and they are the driving force of EU-LIFE at member institutes.

This meeting was also the first time EU-LIFE institutes met since expansion in January to 14 members giving the opportunity to welcome face to face the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw (IIMCB).

A vibrant session with relevant outputs that will reinforce the strategic actions and perspectives of the Alliance!

EU-LIFE Main Representatives Meeting