Postdoc Initiative

Following the EU-LIFE 10th Anniversary Conference in May 2023, a group of postdocs from EU-LIFE institutes proposed to form a collective to facilitate collaboration, communication and mobility among postdocs within the alliance, as well as to enhance their involvement in research policy. The group is formed by representative(s) of each EU-LIFE institute, who act as liaison between EU-LIFE and all the postdocs in the alliance.

This initiative was launched in January 2024 and offers unique networking and collaboration opportunities for early-career researchers in their postdoc phase.

EU-LIFE Community Meeting 2024 at CeMM (Vienna) © Franzi Kreis


Hanane Hadj-Moussa, Babraham
Harvey Johnston, Babraham
Yoon Hee Choi, Babraham
Rebecca Möller, BRIC
Moritz Schaefer, CEMM
Sara Kuusela, FIMM
Marica Ippolito, IEO
Giulia Robusti, IEO
Adolfo Alsina, IGC
Camille Ameline, IGC
Hannah Heil, IGC
Paula Londono, IIMCB
Tales Rocha de Moura, IIMCB
Evanthia Zacharioudaki, IMBB
Teresa Rubio, IMBB
Alessandro Santuz, MDC
Eliana Nachman, VIB
Raj Sewduth, VIB
Tereza Vavrdova, VIB
Stijn Hawinkel, VIB