Babraham Institute

The Babraham Institute undertakes world-leading research to generate new knowledge of biological mechanisms underpinning ageing, development and the maintenance of health. Research focuses on signalling and genome regulation, particularly the interplay between the two and how epigenetic signals can influence important physiological adaptations during the lifespan of an organism. By determining how the body reacts to dietary and environmental stimuli and also how it manages microbial and viral interactions, we aim to improve wellbeing and healthier ageing. The Institute receives strategic funding from the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC), part of UK Research and Innovation.

Babraham Institute

Babraham Research Campus - CB22 3AT Cambridge

Wolf Reik

“Working together with like-minded and similarly focused Institutes who share a commitment to excellence in research, research practice and equality and diversity has brought clear benefits to the Institute. We’ve been delighted to work with our EU-LIFE partners to raise awareness of gender in research and how projects can become more open in line with responsible research and innovation principles.”

Professor Michael Wakelam, Director of the Babraham Institute (2007-2020)

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