The Main Representatives are appointed by the directors and they are the main contact point for EU-LIFE at the institutes. They are coordinating all EU-LIFE task and activities within the institute. The Main Representatives are also part of the Strategy group.

Main representatives

Ana Pereira-O'Callaghan, Babraham Institute
Katrine Sonne, BRIC
Zlatuše Novotná, CEITEC
Anita Ender, CeMM
Dörthe Nickel, Institut Curie
Emmy Vershuren, FiMM
Nicolas Favre, FMI
Natalia Dave Coll, CRG
Roberta Carbone, IEO
Urszula Białek-Wyrzykowska, IIMCB
Stamatiki Kritas, IMBB FORTH
Marie Vidal, MDC
Henri van Luenen, NKI
Marleen Vanstraelen, VIB