The Main Representatives are appointed by the directors and they are the main contact point for EU-LIFE at the institutes. They are coordinating all EU-LIFE task and activities within the institute. The Main Representatives are also part of the Strategy group.

Main representatives

Ana Pereira-O'Callaghan, Babraham Institute
Katrine Sonne, BRIC
Ester Jarour, CEITEC
Anita Ender, CeMM
Dörthe Nickel, Institut Curie
Andreas Scherer, FIMM
Nicolas Favre, FMI
Natalia Dave Coll, CRG
Roberta Carbone, IEO
Sheila Vidal and Luis Valente, IGC
Urszula Białek-Wyrzykowska, IIMCB
Stamatiki Krita, IMBB FORTH
Marie Vidal, MDC
Henri van Luenen, NKI
Marleen Vanstraelen, VIB