2018 in a nutshell



EU-LIFE is well positioned in EC policy (EC officer, EC meeting, October 2016)

  • EU-LIFE active in EC stakeholders’ platforms: ERA and Open Science Policy
  • 4 EU-LIFE Statements papers: Horizon Europe budget; Horizon Europe missions; Call for action research infrastructures; Reaction to Plan S
  • 3 EC Consultations: Multi-Financial Framework, Missions, European Health Council
  • 4 Contributions to EC reports: OSPP general recommendations to EU Council, new metrics for research evaluation, citizen science, ERA stakeholders’ platform monitoring
  • 25 meetings & events including with EC’s Director General of Research & innovation and Carlos Moedas’ cabinet 
  • LifeTime: successfully passed to second stage
  • EU-LIFE public session on “Shaping the future of research”: “Advocating for research in Europe (Stephen Kuster, Science Europe); The future of research evaluation (Paul Wouters, Leiden University; and panel discussion) (October, Barcelona)
  • Organization of European Science Open Forum (ESOF) session “Gender equality: A case for cultural change in life sciences” (July, Toulouse)


It is invaluable that I can discuss with peers’ common issues and tap into their collectively expertise to solve our problems. I have tried this in the past with other organizations at the national and EU level, but only with EU-LIFE it has been successful. (Respondent EU-LIFE survey, October 2017)

  • EU-LIFE scientific workshop “Precision Medicine” (May, Paris)
  • LIBRA Workshop on sex and gender dimension in research (September, Cambridge)
  • Sustainability of gender actions @EU-LIFE: plan of sustainability drafted and creation of a new EU-LIFE working group on gender balance
  • TedEx Tech Transfer initiative - 5 pitches to VC professionals (October, Barcelona)
  • 2 events to build institutional capacity (EU-LIFE participation at CTLS conference (core facilities); Workshop on writing the impact section of H2020 grants)
  • Drafting and sharing Marie Slodovska Curie Actions (MSCA) “gold standard document”
  • EU-LIFE Strategy & Community meetings


  • New EU-LIFE Chairs mandate
  • Renewed mission statement
  • EU-LIFE Expansion Plan – development of concept
  • Set up of EU-LIFE task forces (5)
  • Recruitment of EU-LIFE Communications officer  
  • 1st Directors retreat 

Highlights 2018 Infographics