Act now to ensure science is on the agenda in Brexit talks: join #DealforScience campaign

With the post-BREXIT situation, the time to re-shape the relationship between the EU and UK has arrived. This doesn’t mean that international collaboration in science and research is any less essential. EU-LIFE, EuroScience and Wellcome have launched the #dealforscience petition to help the research community show how much they want a good deal for science. It calls on the UK and EU governments to reach an agreement on scientific collaboration as soon as possible. 

Don’t let Brexit disrupt an essential international collaboration

Science has been a key success of the EU and must remain a priority to keep Europe competitive. International collaboration makes science stronger and we should not let Brexit disrupt this. Researchers need a long-term solution to allow them to continue working together on the big challenges our societies face, transforming peoples’ lives for the better.

Over the coming weeks, the UK and EU will decide their priorities and negotiations will begin. For science and research to flourish, it must be made a priority for negotiation. Therefore, we are stepping up our call for a #DealForScience to make sure politicians in the UK and EU hear this message.

How you can get involved?

We are calling now on organizations as well as individuals to join us in signing the petition and let people know that you’re supporting UK and EU science collaboration through social media.

Thanks for supporting the petition to keep the UK and EU collaborating on science!

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