EU-LIFE community works towards a culture of mutual respect

Gender equality, diversity and inclusion are key values of EU-LIFE and a priority of our action. In the context of the strategy developed by the EU-LIFE working group on gender equality, diversity and inclusion and with the aim to shape a culture of mutual respect and dignity in the research environment, over 8,000 members of staff of EU-LIFE institutes have the opportunity to receive training for becoming active bystanders upon witnessing any inappropriate behaviour.

This first round of the training was addressed to principal investigators and group leaders of EU-LIFE member institutes, who expressed a high level of satisfaction with the course, particularly with regard to the practical examples and activities held during the workshop.

“I really enjoyed the workshop. It dominantly focused on providing everyone with the tools to deal with bullying, confirmation bias and conflict resolution. It's something I would recommend to fellow researchers to attend.”
Ricardo Henriques, Principal Investigator at IGC

The LIBRA project, funded by the European Commission, brought together EU-LIFE members with the aim to improve recruitment policies, support career development of female staff, generate an inclusive environment and ensure gender dimension is considered in research.

The development of the project resulted in a very open and constructive community of gender equality specialists within EU-LIFE institutes. At the end of the project in March 2019, that community became a permanent EU-LIFE working group on gender equality, diversity and inclusion, with the objectives to facilitate mutual learning and to coordinate new activities within the alliance. The alliance committed as well to adoption of a LIBRA sustainability plan including taking specific LIBRA actions and developing an EU-LIFE plan to tackle harassment and bullying.