The EU-LIFE CoARA Action Plan is published!

As part of EU-LIFE’s ongoing commitment to the reform of research assessment in Europe, we publish the EU-LIFE CoARA Action Plan, which will be implemented in the upcoming months within our alliance of 15 research institutes across Europe.

“Developing a CoARA action plan is a considerable challenge, filled with strategic decision-making, so it is vital that organizations openly share their strategies and outcomes, not just to foster a culture of openness but to aid others in their journeys. That’s why we are really pleased that CoARA encourages signatory institutions to share their action plans with the community,”

said Marta Agostinho, EU-LIFE Executive Director.

With a set of past, current and longer-term actions, the plan will contribute towards the reform of research assessment by studying, developing and promoting the use of responsible practices in EU-LIFE member institutes, both at individual level and at institute level. The plan is classified in three fields of action:

  1. Raise awareness about CoARA & the reform of research assessment
  2. Provide advice & feedback towards advancing in research assessment
  3. Actively promote advancements in research assessment

EU-LIFE’s strategy is aligned with the principles of the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) and of the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA).

Read the EU-LIFE CoARA Action Plan here.