EU-LIFE conveys research institutes’ views on how to build an enabling life science ecosystem

EU-LIFE Executive Director Marta Agostinho was a panellist in the Business at OECD roundtable on Leveraging private investment in health and life sciences in Europe, which was held online on 1 June 2022.

The roundtable was organised with the aim to explore the nexus between the private investment and health agendas, discuss how policy makers can scale up investments in health and life science innovation, and promote exchanges between industry experts, OECD and government representatives. The novel report Attracting Life Science Investments in Europe was launched during the event.

Together with EU-LIFE, there were panellists from other stakeholder organisations including Ali Karami Ruiz, Senior Director, Strategic Engagement and Communications, Business at OECD; Stefan Gijssels, Seboio Health Policy Consulting; Wilfried Ellmeier, President Biomedical Alliance in Europe; Claire Skentelbery, Director General EuropaBio; and Olivier Grumel, Senior Director, Government Affairs & Policy, Johnson & Johnson.

Marta Agostinho provided the perspective of research institutes on how to enhance an enabling life science ecosystem. She advocated for the need to ensure:

  • a more sustainable and systemic support to explorative, disruptive fundamental research that will provide the widest impacts;
  • strong academic research with the necessary public funding of excellent research; and
  • high quality education with sufficient availability of life science graduates and investing in educating experts who can transfer disruptive research into outcomes for patients and populations.