Willing to know more about EU-LIFE members? Check out #EULIFEDNA campaign on Twitter

We are launching a Twitter campaign to give an overview of EU-LIFE members’ commitment to research excellence. Find out more on our values, our identity… our #EULIFEDNA!

As an alliance of leading research centres in life sciences, EU-LIFE contributes to the improvement of research by influencing European science policies and by developing, implementing and disseminating best practices in the organisation and management of research institutes. Since our foundation in 2013, we made it possible thanks to a vibrant and committed EU-LIFE community in building a stronger research and innovation environment in Europe.

Our 14 members and our associate partner come from 15 European countries. All of them are internationally renowned for producing excellent research, widely transferring knowledge and nurturing talent. We share the view that scientific excellence in life sciences can only be achieved through strong adherence to principles of quality, scientific integrity, ethical responsibility, societal accountability, ecological sustainability, gender equality and cultural diversity while promoting a strong dialogue with society. EU-LIFE has a long-term mission to spread these values and best practice within Europe, to other institutes, existing or new. EU-LIFE partners are committed to make all possible efforts to push excellence in science to the highest level.

Through our #EULIFEDNA Twitter campaign, that will take place from January to April, every Friday, we will share an example of how EU-LIFE partners are committed to our core values to make all possible efforts to push excellence in science to the highest level. Join us in this journey through EU-LIFE institutes!

Check the ongoing campaign here.

EU-LIFE alliance members' map