The aim of the Policy Task Force is to support the policy action of EU-LIFE as a first line of input to the policy tasks. A second line of engagement is to support the strategy group.

The priority topics of the Policy Task Force are: Horizon Europe, European Research Area & Open Science, ERC and Widening policies.

The major outputs of the Policy Task Force are the EU-LIFE position papers and statements, which can be found in our Publications page. For more information about EU-LIFE policy activities, visit our Research Policy page.


Ana Pereira O’Callaghan. Babraham Institute
Nikola Kostlanova, CEITEC
Pavel Tomančák, CEITEC
Luis Serrano, CRG
Natalia Dave, CRG
Dörthe Nickel, CURIE
Cristina Bartocci, CURIE
Alice Barbaglio, IEO
Marco Fumasoni, IGC
Thomas Sommer, MDC
Marie Vidal, MDC
Henri van Luenen, NKI
Marleen Vanstraelen, VIB
René Custers, VIB
Marta Agostinho, EU-LIFE
Iris Uribesalgo, EU-LIFE