Recruitment & Training

This working group currently focuses on the development of the following questions:

  • Sharing best practices on mentoring programmes at the institutes
  • A common training platform in the EU-LIFE institutes
  • A database of courses organized in EU-LIFE institutes for PhD students & postdocs, with the aim to identify gaps & synergies and potentially team up to apply for funding

In 2021 a hands-on guide for research institutes on postdoc career support in the life sciences was published. This hands-on guide is based on discussions in the working group and written by its members.

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Recruitment & Training Working Group


Joao Vilhena, Institut Curie, Co-Chair
Matthew Spencer, CeMM, Co-Chair
Michelle Barthelemy, Babraham Institute

Irina Reichert, BRIC
Vibeke Petersen, BRIC
Camilla Ebert, BRIC
Andrea Dvořáková, CEITEC
Katerina Ornerova, CEITEC
Kateřina Wolfová, CEITEC

Míša Fajkusová, CEITEC
Jean-Paul Chidiac, CeMM
Damjana Kastelic, CRG
Anna Solé Amat, CRG
Gracia Raposo, Institut Curie
Stéphanie Lacroix, Institut Curie
Markus Vähä-Koskela, FiMM
Ulla Tuomainen, FiMM

Piera Cicchetti, FMI
Luisa Lanfrancone, IEO
Francesca Fiore, IEO
Marina Mapelli, IEO
Susanna Chiocca, IEO
Rosella Visintin, IEO
Jorge Carneiro, IGC
Aleksandra Janicka, IIMCB
Kiki Sidiropoulou, IMBB-FORTH
Rose Burden, MDC
Eirini Kouskoumvekaki, MDC
Jean-Yves Tano, MDC

Hellen Candel, NKI
Joke Baute, VIB