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Data management at research institutes : challenges and solutions

The EU-LIFE Community meeting held in Milan in November gave the opportunity to organize a roundtable discussion on Open Science focused on Open and FAIR data with Sabina Leonelli, professor of Philosophy and History of Science, University of Exeter, Giuseppe Testa, Group Leader at IEO and Henri van Luenen, Director of Operations at NKI.

EU-LIFE launches a Visiting Postdoctoral seminars programme

After the EU-LIFE Visiting Scientist programme, EU-LIFE is launching a new programme to stimulate interaction and collaboration between the scientists of the alliance. The Visiting Postdoctoral EU-LIFE seminars programme is offering a great opportunity for Postdocs to visit other EU-LIFE institutes by giving a talk about their work.

EU-LIFE calls for impactful collaborative research in European biomedicine

EU-LIFE points out the increasing lack of opportunities for collaborative research in biomedicine at a European level and highlights how this is endangering long-lasting, positive impact in health research for the benefit of citizens. 6 recommendations aim at contributing to improvement for the upcoming seven-year cycle of Horizon Europe.