Technology Transfer

This Working group focuses on the following questions:

  • Organize EU-LIFE pitching events with life sciences investors.
  • Map processes and good practices (in the field of IP, licensing and spin-off creation) which tech transfer offices need to be establish in order to mature to a more performant and efficient organisation.


Anabel Sanz, CRG, Co-Chair
Tim Van Acker, VIB, Co-Chair

Emily Boyce, Babraham Institute
Daniela Trsova, CEITEC
Prudence Donovan, CeMM
Cécile Campagne, Institut Curie
Nicolas Favre, FMI
Marzia Fumagalli, IEO
Marta Ribeiro, IGC
Pawel Kobylarz, IIMCB
Vassilis Papadakis, IMBB-FORTH
Electra  Gizeli, IMBB-FORTH
Vera Martos Riano, MDC
Antonia Klein, MDC
Koen Verhoef, NKI