EU-LIFE welcomes the Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (IMBB FORTH - Greece) as Associate Partner

The Institute of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology (IMBB FORTH - Greece), a leading research institute in Greece, has officially joined EU-LIFE as Associated Partner of EU-LIFE for a period of two years as of July 1, 2020.

As part of the process of expansion of the alliance, EU-LIFE is honoured to have IMBB FORTH as Associate Partner with the possibility to fully share the knowledge, experience, best practices available within the EU-LIFE community.

Welcoming the decision, Dr Ioannis Talianidis, Director of the IMBB FORTH, said: "IMBB is devoted to perform frontier research, which matches the excellence standards of leading European centres. Our association with EU-LIFE opens new avenues for collaborations with top-level research Institutes, shaping and promoting common visions and practices of performing excellence science for the benefit of our society.”

IMBB is one of the most prominent life science research institutions in Greece, with an impressive record of scientific achievements, state of the art infrastructure and a broad range of research, innovation and educational activities.

The Institute was founded in 1984, with the purpose of establishing a Research Institute in Greece capable of performing internationally competitive research in the field of Molecular Biology for the understanding of basic life processes and the parallel development of biotechnology applications. This goal determines the long-standing mission of IMBB to pursue cutting-edge research and promote scientific excellence.

Historically, IMBB FORTH researchers have been very active in shaping scientific policies at both national and European level. Among the most visible examples are the contribution of the founder and first director of IMBB Fotis Kafatos in leading EMBL and shaping ERC, the participation of IMBB researchers in ERC Scientific Council and various EMBO and EU committees.

We look forward to our future collaborations. To read the full statement please click here.