EU-LIFE welcomes UK-EU deal’s agreement including Horizon Europe

On 24 December, the EU and UK secured a post-Brexit trade deal. It was heartening news that the deal includes UK participation in Horizon Europe – which  is important for health, wealth and wellbeing of everyone in Europe including the UK and beyond. We thank the continuous efforts of the negotiating teams in including Horizon Europe in the deal.

We also thank all signatories of our #dealforscience petition launched with Wellcome and EuroScience last year. It has been important to demonstrate support from all Member States and the UK to make the case for continued EU-UK research collaboration. Through this policy journey, we have been also particularly pleased to team up with Wellcome and EuroScience and to demonstrate that joint advocacy works.

The EU-LIFE community - which brings together life science institutes from 15 European countries and more than 8100 researchers and staff including our UK partner, The Babraham Institute, Cambridge - will continue to join forces with researchers, innovators, policy makers and all relevant actors across the European continent to enable the best science possible and ensure the transformation of scientific achievements into improvements in peoples’ lives. More than ever close scientific partnerships across Europe are crucial and we can only do this well with our partners from the United Kingdom.