Science without borders: EU-LIFE statement on BREXIT

The EU-LIFE community, which spans over 7500 researchers in 14 European countries including our UK partner The Babraham Institute, will continue to join forces with researchers, innovators, policy makers and all relevant actors across the European continent to enable the best science and ensure the transformation of scientific achievements into improvements in peoples’ lives.

EU-LIFE urges the leaders of the EU and the UK to make the necessary arrangements in order to allow the continuation of our highly effective and productive collaborations on research and innovation. The close collaboration between the EU and UK has been enormously successful while the UK has been part of the EU; it would be a great loss for science and society if this collaboration is in any way inhibited due to BREXIT.

 To maintain the successful collaboration between the EU and the UK the following is required:

  • Full researcher mobility between the UK and the rest of Europe at all levels and career stages;
  • Full alignment of regulations regarding science, data, inventions, etc. in order to maintain an open, efficient, and successful research environment in Europe;
  • Full accessibility of the UK to European Research and Innovation programmes and vice versa.
  • Rapid progress on above such that the UK can associate to Horizon Europe from its inception in order to avoid jeopardising ongoing collaborations.
  • The European countries should work together to make the European Research Area a world leader in science.

Together with EuroScience and Wellcome Trust, EU-LIFE will continue to support the #dealforscience campaign during the transition period, calling on political leaders to maintain the close relationship between the UK and the EU that is essential for European science. To find out more about the petition, check our news here.