Science Communication

This Working Group focuses on the following questions:

  • From local to international media: how to get impact in international general-interest media. 
  • Social Media for scientists and/or for the general public: common strategies.
  • Public relations and institutional contacts management.
  • Scientific output: publications, citations, h-index: how to match actual needs with available resources.
  • Open access and repositories: special clauses and obligations in EU projects.
  • Sharing best practices on benchmarking papers

The Science Communication Working Group also designs and implements the EU-LIFE internal and external communication strategy. 


Latest publications
Latest events
EU-LIFE Science Communications Working Group, Lisbon, June 2023


Laura Álvarez, CeMM, Co-Chair
Giorgia Guglielmi, FMI, Co-Chair

Halina Jílková, CEITEC
Greta Caprara, IEO
Lucilla Titta, IEO
Katrina Wright, VIB
Isabelle Baumann, FMI
Mathias Dewulf, Institut Curie
Mari Kaunisto, FiMM
Daria Gos, IIMCB
Inga Siden-Kiamos, IMBB-FORTH
Evanthia Zacharioudaki, IMBB-FORTH

Christiana Divini, IMBB-FORTH
Ana Morais, IGC

Marie Burns, MDC
Jutta Kramm, MDC
Anna Schwendinger, CeMM
Louisa Wood, Babraham Institute
Michael Norman, Babraham Institute
Esmeralda Schemmekes, NKI
Emil Petersen, BRIC