Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The Gender Equality, Diversity & Inclusion working group was formed in November 2019 to continue the work initiated by the LIBRA project and to coordinate activities to promote gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

The working group will implement the LIBRA sustainability plan to consolidate its achievement and advance even further in promoting Gender Equality.

It has established the following priorities:

  • Follow-up of the Directors activities
  • Develop anti-harassment/bullying concept
  • Develop /agree on indicators to monitor gender equality
  • Implement a second edition of the Career Development Compass (career development training)


Latest activities
EU-LIFE Community Meeting 2024 at CeMM (Vienna) © Franzi Kreis


Dörthe Nickel, Institut Curie, Co-Chair
Katarzyna Fiedorowicz, IIMCB, Co-Chair

Elizabeth Wynn, Babraham Institute
Andrea Last, Babraham Institute
Jesper Larsen, BRIC
Eliška Handlířová, CEITEC
Anita Ender, CeMM
Isabelle Vernós, CRG
Carmen Melatti, CRG
Silvia Tognetti, CRG
Sanni Hyppönen, FIMM
Piera Cicchetti, FMI
Susanna Chiocca, IEO
Agnieszka Faliszewska, IIMCB
Athanasia Papoutsi, IMBB-FORTH
Maria Markaki, IMBB-FORTH
Tassos Pavlopoulos, IMBB-FORTH
Michaela Herzig, MDC
Henri Van Luenen, NKI
Agnes Uhereczky, VIB