The Office coordinates EU-LIFE activities, and provides support and steers the different Consortium Bodies to reach the goals set out in the yearly action plan. The EU-LIFE Executive Director is head of the Office and responsible for strategy development with the Board of Directors, and for implementation and centralisation of all activities. The EU-LIFE Office also consists of a Policy Officer, a Community Officer and a Communications Officer. 

The EU-LIFE Office is located in Barcelona, Spain.

Marta Agostinho, EU-LIFE Executive Director

Marta Agostinho
EU-LIFE Executive Director
Marijn Huiskamp, EU-LIFE Community Officer

Marijn Huiskamp
EU-LIFE Community Officer
Iris Uribesalgo Micas, EU-LIFE Policy Officer

Iris Uribesalgo Micas
EU-LIFE Policy Officer
Esther Dorado-Ladera, EU-LIFE Communications Officer

Esther Dorado-Ladera
EU-LIFE Communications Officer
Daniel Riera, Administrative Support

Daniel Riera
Administrative Support