Core Facilities

The Core Facilities Working group was established in 2015 to create a forum for discussion of core facility-specific challenges. 
Current focus is on the following:

  • Sharing best practices and expertise in core facility management
  • Comparing indicators across institutes: financial, personnel, operations, research, training, and performance evaluation
  • Defining opportunities and procedures for capacity sharing between EU-LIFE institutes 
  • Collaboration on the level of training courses, grant applications, etc…
  • Data management issues (together with IT Working Group)
  • Participation in a dialogue to foster European funding opportunities for core facilities and core facility networks
  • Policy work on visibility of core facilities and small-medium scale research infrastructures


Latest events
EU-LIFE Community Meeting 2024 at CeMM (Vienna) © Franzi Kreis


Danielle Hoyle, Babraham Institute, Co-Chair
Saskia Lippens, VIB, Co-Chair

Pirkko Mattila, FIMM, Co-Chair
Rajesh Somasundaram, BRIC
Kateřina Hošková, CEITEC
Michael Schuster, CeMM
Marc Wiedner, CeMM
​​​​​​​Mónica Morales, CRG
Bernhard Korn, FMI
Tatiana Malherbe, Institut Curie
Diego Pasini, IEO
Miryam Alcalay, IEO
Marta Monteiro, IGC
Krzysztof Skowronek, IIMCB
Theodoros Kosteas, IMBB-FORTH

Vasiliki Theodorou, IMBB-FORTH
Georgios Gouridis, IMBB-FORTH
Matthieu Lavigne, IMBB-FORTH
Jutta Steinkoetter, MDC
Sonja Hansen, MDC
Henri van Luenen, NKI
Geert Van Minnebruggen, VIB