CTLS endorses EU-LIFE call for action on the small- and medium-sized research infrastructures

The Board of Directors of the CTLS (Core Technologies for Life Sciences) association supports the EU-LIFE statement on the small- and medium-sized research infrastructure. CTLS presently brings together 175 members from 18 countries from Europe and beyond. CTLS is one of the partners of the INFRASUPP project CatRIS (“Catalogue of Research Infrastructure Services”), coordinated by the European Science Foundation, that aims at including Core Facilities and Shared Scientific Resources at national, regional and local-institutional level along with major Research Infrastructures, to provide a good representative mapping of this dynamic and cross-related landscape.  

“We believe that it is essential to join forces with EU-LIFE members and other organizations in order to better define and enhance the added-value of the small and mid-sized infrastructures, in particular when discussing with European decision-makers,” said Patrick England, President of the CTLS Association.

After the International Conference on Research Infrastructures (ICRI 2018) held in Vienna in last September, EU-LIFE called upon the EU member states, the European Commission and European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructure (ESFRI) to recognize the role of small and medium sized research infrastructures in the research and innovation ecosystem.

“The segment of small-and mid-sized research infrastructures provides the most important day-to-day support for the majority of researchers, covering all fields of research. We are pleased to receive this support from CTLS in order to promote their contribution to the sustainability of the research infrastructures at the European level.” added Marta Agostinho, Coordinator of EU-LIFE.