EU-LIFE reaction to the European Commission communication on the new ERA

On 30th September 2020 the European Commission released its communication “A new ERA for research & Innovation”. In line with previous contributions to the ERA strategy, including our latest recommendations for ERA, EU-LIFE welcomes the European Commission communication and expresses its strong support to the strategic objectives and actions for a new and strengthened European Research Area and states below its first reaction.

Strong support to:

  • Overall vision and the four strategic objectives of the new ERA
  • Priority to investments and reforms at Member States level, public and private.
  • Dedicated focus on regions and Member States (still) lagging behind, without compromising the quality of research and innovation.
  • Research and researchers at the centre to create a truly European Research Area with a strong focus on skills agenda, career development, mobility and conditions to nurture talent in R&I and beyond.
  • Focus on ecosystems approach to knowledge transfer.
  • Prioritization of gender equality, Open Science and FAIR data.


  • ERA Governance: Engagement of all relevant stakeholders and doers of the ERA, in particular, public and private independent research institutes that contribute to excellent research & innovation in Europe.
  • ERA Governance: Timely and frequent involvement of relevant stakeholders, including international stakeholder organisations in all steps of the ERA from strategy to implementation.
  • Stronger recognition is needed of the institutional level as a driver of the ERA since research-performing organisations are the ultimate enablers and drivers for the ERA’s aims.
  • A too narrow vision of research infrastructures, in particular overlooking the key role of smaller research facilities at individual research institutes and universities across Europe.

EU-LIFE remains available to contribute to further development and implementation of the new ERA.

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