We are hiring! EU-LIFE Project and Policy Officer

We are looking for a Project and Policy Officer to join EU-LIFE team.

This is a great opportunity to work on an international alliance dedicated to the improvement of life sciences research through science policy and sharing practices in research governance.

The EU-LIFE office is hosted in Barcelona, Spain at the EU-LIFE member CRG and is responsible for the implementation of EU-LIFE strategy. On their daily tasks, office staff interact closely with the over 180 members of the EU-LIFE working groups of the 14 EU-LIFE member institutes as well as a broad network of stakeholders and organizations from the science, innovation and policy fields across Europe.

By joining the EU-LIFE office you will be responsible for implementing several activities such as steering working groups and task forces, collecting and preparing data for policy action and organizing EU-LIFE meetings.

All applications to be addressed to Dr. Marta Agostinho and submitted online at: http://www.crg.eu/en/content/careers/job-opportunities

Deadline: 15th of February 2020.